Theology of Work

The sub-title of this series of lessons is: Theology of Work. One of our goals in this study is to begin to construct a theology of work. Each lesson is a building block in this journey. Here is where we are in this construction process:

         Building Block #1:  God is the original worker.
         Building Block #2: We are uniquely designed for work.
         Building Block #3: God gifts us for meaningful work.
         Building Block #4: Work offers us an opportunity for healthy independence.
         Building Block #5:  Work enables us to meet the real needs of others.
While we are to seek to develop a healthy independence through our ability to make a living, we do not ignore our responsibility to care for those who are in genuine need. The first human question in the Bible, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” has been answered with a resounding “Yes!” by God. Indeed, we are our brother and sister’s keepers. We live in community with others and bear a responsibility to insure their needs are met when they are unable to do so for themselves. Consequently, Christians have built and maintained orphanages, nursing homes, life shelters, hospitals and many other institutions of care through the centuries. Working for a living allows us to be independent enough to help those who are dependent on us.