Connections to Work

How does all of this connect to our topic of work? How does this all contribute to the construction of a theology of work?

Think about it.

The early believers in Jerusalem were landholders and homeowners. How did this occur? They worked for a living. Because of their labor and profits made from their efforts, they were able to contribute financially to kingdom causes. The believers in Antioch were able to respond to the needs in Jerusalem because they had jobs and were earning income. They were independent in a healthy sense – but not isolated in an unhealthy sense.

With respect to our study of the theology of work, we are adding the component of community responsibility in this particular lesson. We are not to be isolated or insulated from the needs of others in an unhealthy disconnection. We are social creatures. We live in community with others. This is particularly true for Christians. We do not just work for our own good. We are not just earning an income for our enjoyment and blessing.