Theology of Work

The sub-title of this series of lessons is: Theology of Work. One of our goals in this study is to begin to construct a theology of work. Each lesson is a building block in this journey. Here is where we are in this construction process:

  • Building Block #1:  God is the original worker.
  • Building Block #2: We are uniquely designed for work.
  • Building Block #3: God gifts us for meaningful work.
  • Building Block #4: Work offers us an opportunity for healthy independence.
  • Building Block #5:  Work enables us to meet the real needs of others.
  • Building Block #6: Work allows us to contribute to the common good.
  • Building Block #7: Work is not gender specific. 
  • Building Block #8: Work must not become an idol.
  • Building Block #9: Work is a tool for ministry.

Think about how much time Christians spend at work. Also, think about how Christians are scattered throughout workplaces across America (and our world). Church members are involved in boardrooms, meetings, conversations, strategy sessions and all kinds of endeavors that pastors will never participate in. God has strategically placed His people in influential positions in the workplace across our world. Thus, the workplace can be a place of ministry for the people of God! Your work can be a tool for ministry!