Theology of Work

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The sub-title of this series of lessons is: Theology of Work. One of our goals in this study is to begin to construct a theology of work. Each lesson is a building block in this journey. Here is where we are in this construction process:

         Building Block #1:  God is the original worker. We learned in the first lesson that God is the primary worker. He has dignified and sanctified work by His participation in it. Work has intrinsic dignity and meaning just because God has chosen to be a worker Himself.

         Building Block #2: We are uniquely designed for work. Work for human beings is not a result of the curse rendered by God in Genesis 3. God commissioned human beings to work in both Genesis 1 and 2. We were called by God to fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:28). We also read in Genesis 2:15 that Adam was told to work in the Garden and take care of it. Thus, work pre-dates the fall of man. Work is honorable and purposeful. God has called us to work.

         Building Block #3: God gifts us for meaningful work. This is our lesson for today. God has called us to engage in purposeful and meaningful work. He has also gifted us for our calling. We all have gifts and passions that drive us and enable us to be productive people. We can use our gifts in the workplace. As Christians, our spiritual gifts and our vocational gifts blend together to allow us to be used for the glory of God in our work.