Lesson 4 – Joseph: Planted and Influential

Wow! What a story! Joseph emerges from the pit of slavery and becomes a leader in one of Pharaoh’s official’s home. This page of Scripture is a snapshot of Joseph’s life in Egypt. He was at the mercy of Potiphar, but found his way into favor. He was “set up” by Potiphar’s wife and cast back in prison. So, the chapter opens with Joseph in prison and closes with him in prison. However, Joseph is already demonstrating how he is using his influence. In this lesson, we will explore the topic of influence and how we can be influential people regardless of our circumstances.

Abraham. Jacob. Joseph. Moses. Daniel. Peter. Luke. Paul. Martin Luther. John Calvin. John Wesley.

These are all incredibly influential people. They made decisions that affected their lives and the lives of others. None of them were perfect and their circumstances were often beyond their control. However, even in the face of challenges, insurmountable obstacles, overwhelming odds, times of misfortune and periods of disappointment – all of these men remained faithful and stayed true to their calling. Their influence was immeasurable! Their influence long outlived them. Their lives have become inspirational to generations who have followed them.

We all have opportunities to wield influence. It may not be on the scale of these men – yet, God still expects us to be faithful and remain true to our own calling.

Focal Passage
Genesis 39

Bible Readings
So, the book of beginnings comes to an end this week in our daily readings. What a story! Truly there is no other book in all of antiquity that compares to Genesis. It is the most holistic explanation of creation and human beginnings in existence. It is not a science text book but it is majestic enough to withstand the rigors of modern scientific enquiry. It is a theological book. It is a book about God – and His purposes. Genesis contains essential clues to anyone who is searching for meaning and purpose. Its wide arch across the span of time from the beginning of everything to the beginning of the story of the people of God comes to a conclusion in this week’s readings. What a story we have read together!

Monday:                    Genesis 41-42
Tuesday:                   Genesis 43-44
Wednesday:            Genesis 45-46
Thursday:                 Genesis 47-48
Friday:                        Genesis 49-50


  1. What is influence and why is it important to understand it?
  2. What factors contribute to the increasing of our influence?
  3. What factors contribute to the lessening of our influence?

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