Truths to Pursue

Romans 12:1-2 serves as the foundation of today’s lesson. It frames the conversation. Jacob’s story fits in as a great illustration of transformation in real life. There are numerous ways to discuss this material or to explore its truths more fully:

  1. God’s grace is mysterious – Why did God show grace to Jacob? Why does God show grace to anyone? Who among us deserves it? It is grace! You can look for other examples in the Bible of God’s demonstration of grace when you least expect it (woman caught in adultery – John 8).
  2. This present age – What are the challenges we are facing in our present age? What cultural factors serve to pull us away from The Jesus Way? How are we tempted to be conformed by these forces? What are examples of being conformed?
  3. Transformation – How is the process of transformation at work in the lives of your class members, Bible study group members, family, church friends, etc.? How is God’s power of transformation at work in you? What are some other examples in the Bible of God’s transforming power? (Gideon, Matthew, Zacchaeus)
  4. God’s will – How is God’s will being demonstrated in our lives? God’s will is important to His people. How are we discovering God’s will? What are evidences of His will being accomplished in us and through us?