Truths to Pursue

As you take time to study and discuss this lengthy passage of Scripture, here are some points to consider and truths to pursue.

God’s purpose is discovered in relationship with Him
Abraham entered into a personal relationship with God. His calling was a personal calling. Naturally, we know that Abraham had a unique role to play in the story of redemption for all humanity – but, he only discovered his role through a personal journey with God!

God is interested in relationships with His people. He designed us for relationship. He created us for community with each other and with Him. You will only find a purpose in life through Him.

God provides for His purpose to be fulfilled in your life
Over and over, Abraham learned that God is a God of provision. He is in charge of blessing and resources. When He calls us to follow Him, He will provide for us to fulfill our role in His Kingdom.

Obedience opens doors toward God’s revelation
God desires to reveal Himself to His people. He wants to lead you. Abraham obeyed God and God revealed more and more of Himself. Obedience is a requirement if you want to discover God’s purpose for your life.

God is at work in His creation
God is a purposeful God. He is at work. He is restoring and rescuing. He is redemptive in His purposes. You don’t have to worry about God’s concern for His creation. He is at work and He is inviting us – like Abraham – to be involved in His activity.

God keeps His promises
We have to be careful with this truth. Sometimes we want to read the Bible and “hold God hostage” to what He says. We must believe God will keep His promises – but in His own way and in His own time.

Faith pleases God
Abraham believed God and God blessed Abraham. God calls all of us to a life of faith. Faith is a part of the journey. He is honored by our faith. Our faith is affirmed and strengthened along the way. We are on a journey with God and faith will always be required from us.

God’s great plan of redemption is still in force
God is still saving people from their sin. He is providing a way to eternal life. He will not sit idly by and leave us to our own devices. Our path leads to barrenness and incompleteness. God’s way leads to life and spiritual prosperity. He is still accomplishing His great plan.