Lesson Plans

Lesson 1:  We are Fam-i-ly!
Focal Passage:  Ephesians 5:18-6:4

God has designed us to live in families. Families are the basic building block of any society. Across the world and across time, families have consistently been places of nurture and refuge. Children are born into family settings for their protection and care. Family ties are deeply connected bonds that provide physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual security for human beings. In this text, Paul outlines the roles played by individuals within the family context. As Christians, the undergirding presence of the Holy Spirit empowers the family members to live in community with each other in ways that are beneficial and edificatory.

Lesson 2:  Why Can’t We be Friends?
Focal Passage:  1 Samuel 18-20

As we mature in life, we learn how to live in relationships with people beyond our family context. We live life with friends. Naturally, we learn about relating to others through our families, but our relational connections extend to our network of friendships. We need healthy friendship relationships. In the text for today’s study, we will explore the friendship between David and Jonathan and search for clues that might assist us in developing healthy relationships with our friends.

Lesson 3:  Me and My Neighbor
Focal Passage:  Matthew 5-7

From a general perspective, we also live in relationship with the broader society around us. Our relationships extend beyond our family and circle of friends. We have been planted by God in our society as well. We have both a responsibility and an opportunity to engage our society as followers of Jesus. The Sermon on the Mount offers instruction to us as to how we are to conduct ourselves as citizens of God’s Kingdom.

Lesson 4:  9 to 5
Focal Passage:  Proverbs 6:1-19

Many of us spend much of our time at work. While we have our primary relational commitments with our family and friends, we also are heavily invested in relationships through our respective vocational callings. And – God has planted us at work so that we might fulfill our role as His children in the great plan of restoration. God is restoring His creation to its intended glory. Through our vocational expressions, we can be used by God to extend His Kingdom.

Lesson 5:  The Church of Christ in Every Age
Focal Passage:  Matthew 16:1-20

God has revealed Himself in the Bible as a covenantal God. He has expressed His desire to relate to His people within the context of covenant. Under the Old Covenant, Israel enjoyed the special privilege of being known as God’s people. Now the New Covenant has been instituted by Jesus and the Church has become God’s special people. We are a part of the covenantal people of God as members of the Body of Christ. We will study the teachings of Jesus when He promised to establish the Church.

Lesson 6:  I Want to Know What Love Is
Focal Passage:  Hebrews 12:1-17

God has designed us to live in relationships. He created us with the capacity to enjoy a level of intimacy that is appropriate within the boundaries set forth in His Word. We have great freedom in exploring intimacy as long as we are obedient to Him. We cannot just set our own boundaries and determine what is appropriate without regard to God’s commands. Issues like marriage and sexuality are addressed in the Scripture and we must adhere to the standards upheld by God’s self-revelation.