A Word About This Curriculum
                  This curriculum is designed with you in mind! It has been prepared for Bible study leaders and participants who are seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word and how to apply that understanding in real life. Spiritual formation is a holistic enterprise that is more art than science. However, there are some basic, fundamental requirements if a person desires to mature spiritually.

                  One of the basic ingredients to any path toward spiritual maturity is knowledge of the Bible. It is fundamentally essential to our spiritual formation. God has revealed Himself through His Word and we must deepen our understanding of its truth. Once we grasp God’s truth, we must apply it to our lives. We also need to live in community with other believers. God has designed us as social creatures. We need each other. Certainly, we need to be engaged in worship, obedience, service, ministry and mission as well.

                  The format of this curriculum is aimed at deepening an understanding of the Bible and learning to apply what has been learned to the real lives of the learners. It is also best used in a group setting. Thus, I am seeking to help followers of Jesus grow in their grasp of biblical truth and engaging with that truth in everyday life. Hopefully, this will encourage spiritual formation.

                  The Apostle Paul once said, “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” (1 Cor. 9:22). How did he accomplish this without accommodating the culture of his day and polluting his own faith? I am convinced he was rooted. He had a solid biblical, theological and spiritual foundation. These moorings allowed him to be effective in the face of a complex cultural milieu. I have prepared this material in the hope that you will (like Paul) be useful in God’s hands in facing the cultural challenges of your day. I pray that you will be rooted . . . for the glory of God!

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, New International Version, Zondervan, 2011

PLANTED . . .In Community to Build Relationships


God exists in eternity in community. We are Trinitarian Christians. We believe God is one God who exists as three Persons. He is in absolute harmony with Himself. He has designed human beings in His image. We have the ability to live in community with both Him and each other.

This Bible Study lesson series will be both a celebration and an analysis of the communal calling of the human family. We will look at how we are to live as families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and church members. We will also give one lesson to examine the blessing of intimacy as God designed it. This final lesson will be a discussion of the expression of our sexuality within God’s intended boundaries.


  1. To develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live in community as human beings in the various spheres where God has planted us.
  2. To recognize the responsibilities we have as followers of Jesus to be good stewards in each of these spheres of relating.
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