Suggestions for Relationships and Work

Successful people have a few things in common. With relationship to our working life, there are a few things I have learned from some successful people in my life.

Mentoring – I have learned the value of both having a few mentors and mentoring others. Both of these relationships are important. I would highly recommend that you find a mentor or two. These are people who are further down the road than you. A part of my work ethic includes developing relationships with people who can mentor me.

I have also learned the value of mentoring others. We need to “pass down” what we have learned to others. These relationships help to sharpen and define our knowledge. We always learn when we have to articulate what we know to someone else.

Accountability – We also need to be in accountable relationships. We need people in our lives to help us improve. These are usually peer-to-peer relationships. You need them. You even need them at work. More than a boss who evaluates you, you need peers who encourage you and help you improve.

Networks – These are relationships beyond your unit or division. These are relationships with people outside your immediate area who understand your life and work. They may work for another company in a similar job. They may be higher up the chain in another company as well. Developing these networks can prove to be highly beneficial to your health and future in your profession.

Spiritual Influence – We all need to look for ways that God can use us through these relationships. God can work through us in each level of these relationships. He can speak truth through us as we serve Him faithfully every day at work. We need to be open to His direction in our daily working life.